Vertical Farming: The Future of Agriculture?

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Vertical Farming: The Future of Agriculture?

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Dubai has made significant strides in the field of vertical farming, which is a method of growing plants indoors in vertically stacked layers. This innovative approach to agriculture is particularly well-suited for arid regions like Dubai, as it allows for the production of crops with less water and space compared to traditional farming methods.

Dubai pioneering vertical farming

The world’s largest vertical farm in Dubai, known as ECO1, was opened by a collaboration between Crop One Holdings and Emirates Flight Catering1. This 30,000-square-meter facility is capable of producing over 900 tonnes of leafy greens annually, including spinach and arugula1. It operates using LED lighting and controlled growing systems, requiring 95% less water than crops grown in fields1.

The farm is not only a testament to Dubai’s commitment to sustainable agriculture but also serves as a model for vertical farming worldwide. It addresses supply chain challenges and food security issues while introducing consumers to the benefits of vertically farmed produce1.

The 5th Global Vertical Farming Show

Additionally, the 5th Global Vertical Farming Show is set to take place in Dubai on September 10th and 11th, 2024. This event will bring together experts, investors, growers, and leaders in the vertical farming space from across the globe to discuss the latest trends and innovations in control environment agriculture2.

The UAE continues to be a pioneer in indoor vertical farming, with several ventures like Bustanica in Dubai and Pure Harvest Smart Farms in Abu Dhabi contributing to the region’s agricultural advancements3.


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