Fundamental Additions and Changes in global food systems

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Fundamental Additions and Changes in global food systems

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According to Several European Governments


Amsterdam, 11 june 2024– Global food systems must undergo tremendous and deep social, ecological and economic changes if the human rights charters want to be respected worldwide. 

Our global eyeson…project wants to encourage, throughout the world, the production of local agro ecological food, without climate impacts, equitable and participatory. 

We intend to contribute to this with our 7 international projects and acting as a reliable partner in the bilateral and multilateral spheres, in order to offer and connect our promotional capacities and experience in the field of agriculture and nutrition in international partnerships on climate and nutrition and within the scope of our responsibility in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

In addition, we cooperate in the areas of knowledge generation for research, education,  training, promotion of innovation and knowledge transfer.

Our five multifaceted instruments and programs follow the principles of agroecology; food safety,  agriculture focused on nutrition, with a focus on human rights to combat hunger and poverty; as well as fair trade, based on rules.

The Bilateral Cooperation Program of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture is a very good measure for the implementation of the almost twenty Sustainable Development Goals: we want to focus on promoting building the food systems of the future within the framework of strong partnerships around the world.

ColumbusCine2.0 and partners are trying to understand the several Agropolitical Dialogues with the Brazil Germany (APD) as an example of Brazilian and German cooperation guided by by its mission and bringing together actors with different opinions and positions and aiming for a safer common future of our world.



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