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Fundamental Additions and Changes in global food systems

According to Several European Governments eyesonproject Amsterdam, 11 june 2024– Global food systems must undergo tremendous and deep social, ecological and economic changes if the human rights charters want to be respected worldwide.  Our global eyeson…project wants to encourage, throughout the world, the production of local agro ecological food, without climate impacts, equitable and participatory.  We…
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Syntropic Farming: A Bridge to Ecological Farming in Malaysia

eyesonmalaysia Introduction Syntropic farming, developed by Swiss farmer Ernst Götsch in Brazil, is a groundbreaking agroforestry system that aligns with the power of natural succession. It aims to grow a diverse range of vegetation while simultaneously restoring ecosystems. As Malaysia seeks sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices, adopting principles from syntropic farming could significantly benefit the…
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